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Why VA Energy

Our certified team of Solar specialists will give you a FREE personalized consultation in English, Portuguese and/or Spanish regarding the energy consumption of your house or building,and will provide you an estimate, with a detailed plan designed specifically for you.

Professionally installed solar energy systems,that are custom-built for the size of your home, and your electrical usage.

We do what we say we will do, from start to finish.

With 25 year warranties on all of our products and services, you can be sure that your investment will be a safe one.



We have relationship with a large number of financial institutions so we can provide you the best options.

Easy and Accessible

Solar financing is viable to anyone. With extremely low interest rates that fit right into your pocket.

Photovoltaic System

VA Energy conducts studies and implementation of photovoltaic systems to provide the client, with an evenly distributed power generation, with clean energy, in addition to amore sustainable energy matrix, better use of resources and greater energy efficiency, thus contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Distributed Microgeneration: Systems for the generation of renewable energy or qualified cogeneration connected to the grid with power up to 75kW;

Distributed Mini generation: Systems for generating renewable energy or qualified cogeneration connected to the grid, with a power of more than 75 kW and less than 5MW.

With its implementation, all the energy that the consumer-generator produces is used by himself and, after deducting his own consumption, the surplus is returned to the distributor. All the energy that is "left over" and returned is credited to the consumer-generator's account, thereby making available a positive balance in energy credit, in its nextbill.

Besides the active power, we have in an electrical system, the reactive power that is mainly originated from the inductive charge connected to the system (electromagnetic circuits of electric motors, electric transformers, inductance of transmission and distribution grids, induction furnaces, fluorescent lighting, etc.). The reactive load is not actually consumed, it circulates between the charge and the generating station overcharging the system. An analogy that can perfectly represent this issue is a beer glass, the beer itself would be the active power, while the foam would be the reactive power.


The way found to compensate for the reactive power generated by inductive charges is to install capacitor banks in the power grid that alter the characteristic of the charge by increasing the power factor and reducing the reactive power circulating in the grid.

The Power Factor (PF) is the vector sum between Active and Reactive Power, in general, the closer the power factor is to 1, the smaller the system's reactive energy will be. Therefore, if we have a power factor equal to 1 we have a purely resistive charge consuming only active power.

The Capacitor Banks are divided into fixed, for individual equipment, semi-automatic to correct the reactive energy according to a desired programming, automatic when it corrects the reactive energy automatically according to the demand and desynchronized for electrical installation with high harmonic distortion index(DHT).

Benefits of implementing a VA Energy Capacitor Bank:
  • Cost Reduction
  • Loss Reductionin the Power System
  • Voltage Improvement
  • Increased Charge Capacity

Commercial Systems

Reduce Daily fixed operating costs. Immediate realized financial returns. Positive client perceptions.
Let us design a capital expense, that helps you put more money to the bottom line. With generous Federal depreciation incentiues, decreasing your monthly electric expenses, solar power just makes sense. We can show you how.


Residential Systems

Invest in your family. Systems with 25 years of service life Projects compatible with your budget, and future needs.
Your biggest investment, can make you money. Let us design a beautiful addition to your home.
You can eliminate your electric bill, have power when everyone else does not. Enjoy the confidence in knowing, whatever mother nature brings, you will be able to keep the lights on.

Solar Parking Spaces

Protect your assets from sun exposure. Guaranteed financial return, on unusable space. Be sustainable.
You already have the space, and it only costs you money. Our solar parking covers will protect your vehicles from the sun, and make you money at the same time. Let us design a system for you, that helps keep your money.



Generate energy for your business. Make money on space that you are not using. Sell your produced power to other companies.
Our systems can help protect your assets and your crops. Optimize the use of your space and help control sun exposure. With our battery back-up systems you will keep the lights on no matter the weather.



Go Green Now!

To make money, improve security, or to help save our planet - let us be your guide.

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